Customs Director General Slavica Kutirov, MSc, together with the Deputy Director Mr. Muarem Asani had a meeting with the Director of the State Inspectorate for Agriculture, Mr. Zoran Shapuricj and representatives of the Phytosanitary Directorate.

Current issues related to the application of the new Rulebook on the Lists of harmful organisms, plants, plant products and other objects,the application of which started in September this year, were discussed at the meeting. In that part, the present at the meeting discussed manners on how to deepen the cooperation, organization of joint training courses for the business community, inspectors from the State Agricultural Inspectorate and customs officers.

In order to further digitize and speed-up the import-export procedures in cross-border trade of agricultural products, it was agreed to start intensive activities between the three institutions aimed at introduction of electronic phytosanitary certificate (e-Phytocerificate).




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