Exactly one year ago, the concept of digital customs became a reality. With the implementation of the Customs Declarations and Excise Document Processing System (CDEPS), a system ranked among the most advanced systems used by the EU Member States, the Customs Administration of the Republic of North Macedonia is a step forward in meeting the EU accession requirements.

CDEPS is a precondition for further development of digital solutions and services, significantly simplifying the work of all participants in customs and foreign trade procedure, in an efficient and modern customs environment. The implementation of the CDEPS has reduced the costs of economic operators and facilitated the implementation of free trade agreements. With the application of electronic procedures, the annual savings is estimated to over 4 million Euros.

Since the introduction of the CDEPS, about 60% of the total export to the Republic of North Macedonia is done through simplified customs procedures, which practically means that two out of three trucks complete the export without coming to the customs terminal, thus avoiding the daily, holiday and non-working customs terminal costs, given that the system operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The process of digital transformation of the Customs Administration continues. Digital Customs will allow technology to serve citizens and economic operators.



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