Acting upon established irregularities, in July 2017, the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia brought criminal charges in 3 cases against 3 natural persons and 1 legal entity with the competent public prosecutor's offices.


Criminal charges were brought on suspicion of committed criminal offenses "Unauthorized production and release for sale of narcotics, psychotropic substances and precursors", "Smuggling", and "Falsification of documents".

Unauthorized production and release for sale of narcotics, psychotropic substances and precursors

- Criminal charges against the person F.M., German national were brought to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kumanovo. On 18.07.2017 as a passenger in a passenger motor vehicle with German license plates, the person arrived for entrance into the Republic of Macedonia at the border crossing Tabanovce. After being selected for control by the customs officers, the suspect took out a nylon bag from filled with white powder substance in white his trouser’s pockets, placing it in the backrest between the two rear seats. The customs officers noticed his actions and they found the bag. After expert analysis of the powder, it was determined that it is Cocaine with a total net weight of 4.25 grams. The suspect was handed over to a judge of preliminary procedure in the First Instance Court in Kumanovo, who passed a verdict on grounds of a settlement under which the defendant was found guilty and was sentenced to a conditional sentence - 2 years of imprisonment that will not be enforced if the defendant does not commit a new criminal offense in the next 4 years. The defendant was also sentenced with expulsion of a foreigner from the country for a period of 10 years.


- Criminal charges were brought against the person O.A., Macedonian national who on 22.07.2017 arrived with his passenger motor vehicle at the border crossing point Tabanovce, entrance section. During inspection of the vehicle, golden jewelry (one female necklace, one pair of female earrings and four female bracelets) was found wrapped in a paper napkin and stuck white tape. The total value of the undeclared jewellery was 306.234,00 Denars(or 5,500 Swiss francs), as shown in the invoice for purchased jewellery issued by a seller based in Zurich, Switzerland on behalf of the buyer O.A.

Falsification of a document  

- Criminal charges were filed to the Public Prosecutor's Office in Bitola, against the person N.K. from Bitola in the capacity of a responsible person in a legal entity and against the legal entity - importer, due to existence of reasonable suspicion that they have committed a crime - falsifying a document under Article 378 of the Criminal Code, i.e. using a fake document used as authentic. On 11.04.2016 and on 20.06.2016 with two import declarations at the Customs Office Bitola the suspects customs cleared two second-hand motor vehicles for the needs of the registered legal entity. At the time of import customs clearance, the customs declarations were accompanied by sales contracts that contained statements of origin signed by the exporters as proof of preferential origin of the goods, so that the registered legal entity can be granted preferential tariff treatment, that is, import customs clearance with a 0% customs duty rate. Due to suspicion regarding the authenticity of the proof of origin, the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia addressed the Customs Administration of Germany with a request for verification of the proof of origin. The Customs Administration of Germany provided answers that the exporters from Germany neither made nor signed the declaration of origin in the purchase contracts. The Customs Administration made additional calculation of customs debt, according to the respective customs declarations and obliged the importer to pay the evaded duties.