The Republic of North Macedonia is a member of the World Customs Organization (WCO) (Линкот да се постави како на мк верзијата:  - established as Customs Cooperation Council in 1952 in Brussels, Belgium since 1st July 1994 and actively participates in its work. The main goal of this organization with 180 member states, i.e. theirs Customs Services from all over the world, is to achieve the highest level of harmonization and uniformity of the customs systems, examining the challenges encountered in the development and improvement of customs techniques and customs legislation.

Through this organization, the Member States enhance their customs cooperation in the interest of promoting international trade. One of the basic functions of the WCO is to to give recommendations to ensure uniformity in the interpretation and application of certain conventions concluded under its auspices. Under its auspices, 12 international conventions and a significant number of recommendations have been adopted.