Women make up about half of the world's population. Based on this data, it should be expected that half of the benefits of the development process go to women and the other half to men. However, the reality is different. Managers, as well as the general population, still strongly believe that managerial success is related to male characteristics. Socially speaking, power is the ability to combine different sources of individual power to achieve change, that is, greater benefits for the society than for the individual. And the individual, whether male or female is equally powerful and capable.

We work together with the inspections both at the border crossings and in the inland customs offices. The cooperation should intensify and enhanced to ensure greater quality, noted Customs Director General Sugareski at today's meeting with the Market Inspectorate Director Mr. Stojko Paunovski.

Thanks to the cooperation built in the past period, the customs agents have become the closest associates of the Customs Administration and have a key role in the implementation of fast and efficient customs procedures.

On 10th February 2021 the Customs Administration of the Republic of North Macedonia filed criminal charges to the Public Prosecutor's Office in Gevgelija against two legal entities based in Tetovo and Gevgelija and 3 responsible persons, suspected of committing "Illicit trade in intermediate products, ethyl alcohol and tobacco goods which is punishable under Article 60, paragraph 5 and paragraph 6 in relation to paragraph 1 of the Law on Excise Duties.

At today's meeting Customs Director General Goran Sugareski and the Financial Police Director Arafat Muaremi reaffirmed the commitment to combat organized financial crime as a common goal of the two institutions.