Last week, the customs officers foiled several attempts for smuggling, seizing foreign currencies, cigarettes, tobacco, parts for trucks and tractors and counterfeits.

Acting upon the established irregularities, in May 2017 the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia brought criminal charges for 3 cases against 4 individuals and 1 legal entity.

On 2nd June 2017, at about 3:50 a.m a bus with Turkish license plates, travelling from Turkey to Macedonia arrived at the border crossing point, Bogorodica, entrance section.

After achieving highest revenue collection in 2016 in its 25 years of existence as an independent state authority, in 2017 the Customs Administration maintained the trend of successful collection of revenues falling under its competence such as import duties (customs duties, value added tax, excise and fees)  and excise duties not only at import, but also on the internal trade.

During last two weeks, the customs officers detected a case of customs fraud and several smuggling attempts, seizing foreign currency, impotence medications, cigarettes, camera lens and swimming pools water disinfecting pills.