In line with the Strategy of the Customs Administration for strengthening the partnership with the business community in the Republic of North Macedonia, yesterday (2nd October 2019), Customs Director General Mr. Gjoko Tanasoski had a business meeting with representatives of the companies Aktiva DOO Stip - one of the leading, distinguished construction companies in the metal industry and ALBATROS - a modern apparel manufacturing company which produces high quality shirts.

Yesterday (2nd October 2019) the Customs Administration in partnership with GIZ and the CEFTA Secretariat hosted a regional workshop on simplifying trade procedures, documents and data submission requirements in the CEFTA Region.

Last month, the customs officers detected a customs fraud, three migrants, as well as several attempts for smuggling various goods, including gold jewellery, firearm ammunition, watches, watch straps, cigarettes, coffee, clothing, truck spare parts, chainsaws, audio equipment and counterfeits.

Today, Customs Director General Mr. Gjoko Tanasoski and the Regional Director of SNB REACTMs. Eli Mufishovski, signed a Memorandum of understanding and cooperation in prevention of trade in counterfeit and pirated goods.

Last year, 37,000 vehicles were imported in the Republic of North Macedonia. Of those, 88 % were second hand, 90% of which diesel. To change this situation with the vehicle fleet in the country, reduce air pollution and ensure environmental protection, the Customs Administration prepared a Draft Law on Motor Vehicle Tax which aims to reduce and discourage the purchase of non energy efficient motor vehicles that pollute the environment, without endangering the social and economic well-being of the citizens. It is expected that the provisions of the new law will contribute to increase the share of energy efficient vehicles that will not contribute to greater environmental pollution.