On 16 April 2019, delegations of the Customs Administrations of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Greece had a bilateral meeting in Athens. The objective of the meeting was establishment of strategic partnership and strengthening of the cooperation between the two countries, established under the Prespa Agreement, as well as the Action Plan for intensification and deepening the cooperation between the Republic of Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia, stipulated by the Prespa Agreement, as well as the cooperation at the border crossings.

Today (11th April), the Customs Administration marks twenty-seventh years of its establishment as a state agency.

On the occasion of the 14th April – the Day of the Customs Administration, children from the SOS Children's Village visited the Customs Administration. Their host was Deputy Director General Mr. Irfan Buci. The children had the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the customs officers. They visited the Customs Call Centre, the Customs Museum and watched a practical drill – drug detection exercise with a customs dog.

Today, 1st April 2019, a two-day regional conference started on "Strengthening the Capacities of the Integrated Border Management Coordinating Centers". The Conference is organized by the OSCE and the National Coordination Center for Border Management of the Republic of North Macedonia. Prime Minister  Zoran Zaev and the Ambassador of the OSCE Mission to Skopje, Clemens Koja opened the Conference and Customs Director General, Mr. Gjoko Tanasoski welcomed the conference participants.

As part of the activities organized on the occasion of 14 April, on 17th March 2019 the Customs Administration launched a public campaign "Stop Counterfeitss". The campaign started at the Orce Nikolov High school in Skopje with stands with counterfeit products seized by the Customs Administration.