As part of the activities organized on the occasion of 14 April, on 17th March 2019 the Customs Administration launched a public campaign "Stop Counterfeitss". The campaign started at the Orce Nikolov High school in Skopje with stands with counterfeit products seized by the Customs Administration.

The customs officers at the border crossing Tabanovce prevented an attempt for trafficking large quantity of narcotic drug marijuana.

On 26th  March 2019, representatives of the competent institutions of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Greece held a technical consultative meeting at the location known as Markova Noga in the Prespa lake area where the border crossing is to be built, to exchange ideas about its functioning in accordance with the signed agreement between the governments of the two countries.

Last week, the customs officers detected several attempts for smuggling of various goods, seizing clothing, foreign cash, safe deposit boxes and counterfeits.

Today (6th March 2019) a meeting between the Director of the Customs Administration Gjoko Tanasoski and Viorel STĂNILĂ, Ambassador of Romania took place in the premises of the Customs Administration.