Today, at the premises of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Ministry of Justice and group of institutions: Ministry of Interior, Customs Administration, Public Prosecutor's Office, Anti-Corruption Commission, Civil Aviation Agency M-NAV, Financial Police Directorate, Financial Intelligence Unit, Central Registry and State Election Commission signed agreements for Interoperability.

The interoperability platform enables electronic data and document exchange between the institutions in a standardized, secure and unified way. The exchange between courts and state bodies and institutions will be done under defined standards for security, protection, format and structure of data.

ICT tools and digital solutions should facilitate the process, thus gaining efficiency, effectiveness and operability in the operation based on any previously detected process weaknesses at the expense of exploiting the values ​​and benefits.

Uninterrupted flow of information through the Interoperability Platform will reduce the time for information exchange  between institutions, thus facilitating the flow of electronic information necessary to provide public services to the citizens.


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