The current Acting Director General of the Customs Administration, Slavica Kutirov was re-elected as Director General of this government agency.

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, after finalizing the public call for candidates, re-elected Kutirov to lead the Customs Administration in the forthcoming period. She has been holding office as Acting Director General since August last year.

According to Kutirov, the re-election is a confirmation of the quality management of the institution in the past.

"As Customs Director General, I shall continue to implement all legal competencies and priorities for the development of the institution. In the forthcoming period, we shall focus our entire work on the implementation of several projects that aim to ensure more efficient collection of revenues and protection of the financial interests and society, trade facilitation, primarily through further digitalization of customs and excise procedures and integration in the region, as well as further modernization of the ICT infrastructure and the border crossings. In this regard, I emphasize that we work in specific conditions in terms of the pandemic, which requires certain adroitness for realization of the activities of Customs and smooth cross-border movement of products to supply citizens with the necessary groceries, but also raw materials for production and export of companies”, explained Kutirov.

According to her, the Customs Administration is an important institution that has a high level of compliance with the regulations and standards of the European Union and continuously provides strong support to the business sector and the legal economy as a whole.

Kutirov has been building her professional career in the Customs Administration for more than twenty years and is the first Director General to come from inside the institution and who is re-elected to hold the DG office in the forthcoming period.