The Customs Administration permanently works on modernization of the infrastructure at the border crossings. In the forthcoming period, one of the priorities is the reconstruction of the border crossing point Deve Bair, aimed at modernization and ensuring greater functionality and conditions for faster flow of goods and passengers through the border crossing that connects the two countries, the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria.

The reconstruction is implemented under the Western Balkans Trade and Transport Facilitation Project, financed with World Bank a loan, and includes:

  • Design and construction of two additional traffic lanes at entrance to the Republic of North Macedonia
  • Complete reconstruction of the asphalt surfaces of the entire border area
  • Complete reconstruction of the access road to the customs terminal, including operation in winter conditions
  • Complete reconstruction of the Customs and Police administrative building
  • Complete reconstruction and expansion of the canopies at entrance and exit
  • Reconstruction or construction of a new waste water treatment plant at the existing location
  • Reconstruction of the entire lighting of the border crossing and the customs terminal

At the moment, activities for preparation of the project documentation are in progress, after which reconstruction will start, which is expected to be completed during 2024.