Today, the Customs Administration was part of the online meeting of the economic and trade advisors of the EU member states in the Republic of North Macedonia, organized by the Delegation of the European Union in Skopje.

Customs Director General, Slavica Kutirov, MSc presented to the Economic Advisors the forms and activities of the Customs Administration for trade facilitation for the economic operators from the Republic of North Macedonia. The presentation focused on customs legislation, digital transformation and regional customs integration.

It was also pointed out that the Customs Administration successfully completed 2021 in terms of total collected revenues from customs, VAT and excise duties. Despite the COVID 19 crisis, the collected revenues in 2021 are 24.70% higher compared to 2020, i.e. 12.81% higher compared to 2019.

Customs Administration’s future steps for reform and modernization of the customs operations were also highlighted, in the legislative part by amending the Customs Law, the Law on Customs Administration, the Law on Customs Representation Activites, the Law on Customs Tariff and the Law on Excise Duties.

In the area of digitalization, among the new projects that are being developed are the introduction of a new National Single Window System, upgrade and improvement of the CDEPS, development of a new NCTS5 Transit System, introduction of the Economic Operators Registration System - EORI.

The reform processes includes reconstruction and modernization of the border crossing points Deve Bair, Delchevo, Markova Noga, Kjafasan and Bogorodica. It was also pointed out that special emphasis in the next period will be placed on the introduction of advanced measures and techniques in the fight against corruption, with the introduction of new Automated Terminal Management System, a new Video Surveillance System, and so-called body cameras.

The Economic and Trade Advisers welcomed the visible success and positive results of Customs in the latest report of the European Commission for the country. These visible results should motivate us to continue working harder to facilitate trade.


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