At a joint central event, organized by the USAID, the Customs Administrations of the Republic of North Macedonia and the the Republic of Albania marked the realization of the project "Strengthening the efficiency of joint border crossings Kjafasan - Qafethane for transport, cross-border cooperation and Investment facilitation” as a grant approved by the USAID Enterprise Economic Development, Management, and Growth Program- EDGE Project.

The cooperation with the USAID and the US Embassy in the Republic of North Macedonia is long-term and fruitful and through focusing on projects of this kind, the Customs Administration is devoted on developing solutions and services that simplify and facilitate the work of participants in customs and foreign trade procedures. Better conditions are being created for both customs officers and other border agencies present at the border crossings on a daily basis.

This joint cooperation with the Customs Administration of the Republic of Albania includes procurement of specialized control equipment for both sides of the Kjafasan-Qafethane border crossing point, engagement of an expert consultant, training courses and study visits for employees of the Macedonian and Albanian Customs Administration, in order to speed up the control time and introduce joint customs and border controls at this border crossing.

Activities for coordinated harmonization of requirements, mutual recognition of the documents accompanying the goods, cooperation with the customs authorities, Authorized Economic Operator, green corridors for all goods, 24-hour daily availability of border services, as well as modernization, increasing safety, efficiency and effectiveness in operation are ahead of us.

The Customs Administration of the Republic of North Macedonia expressed its gratitude for the support of USAID, the Ambassadors of the United States of America to the Republic of North Macedonia and Albania, associates from the business community, the World Bank and the European Union Delegation, who support the Customs Administration's efforts to promote, modernize and facilitate trade in recent years.




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