Customs Deputy Director General, Mr. Muarem Asani, Mr. Ilija Janoski and Mr. Zlatko Veterovski, took part in the 6th informal meeting of Directors General and senior officials of the Customs Administrations of the Western Balkans, which took place in Tirana, Albania. This initiative is supported by the UK Government and HM Revenue and Customs.

This meeting and informal gathering is a good basis for strengthening the trust between the Customs Administrations and border inspection agencies to improve the cooperation and ensure greater exchange of information and ideas.

The delegates of the meeting highlighted some of the most important obligations that the customs services in the region have to fulfill, related to:

-          Promotion and exchange of data through electronic instruments and introduction of joint risk management in accordance with the adopted Regional Strategy for Joint Risk Management, as well as the action plan by CEFTA,

-          Implementation of the legal obligations and real-time information exchange,

-          Progress in the field of licensing of authorized economic operators and mutual recognition within CEFTA.

-          Establishment of Green Corridors for movement of goods and passengers in the region, as well as at the border crossings with the EU.

-          Cooperation for the creation of a Common Regional Market within the Regional Cooperation Council.

-          Introduction of joint border controls as the already signed Agreement on joint border and customs controls between the Republic of North Macedonia and Albania, which will initially be realized at the border crossing Kjafasan-Qafthane.

Customs Deputy Director General Mr. Muarem Asani pointed out that digitalization remains a priority of the Customs Administration of the Republic of North Macedonia to ensure fast processing of import, export and transit documents and elimination of the bureaucratic barriers between the Western Balkan countries.



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