The new customs terminal facilities at the road border crossing point Kjafasan, located at the border with the Republic of Albania along the Pan-European Corridor 8 (east-west) were officially inaugurated today (16th September). BCP Kjafasan is the 4th busiest border crossing point for cargo traffic in the country.

This infrastructural project is one of a series of projects implemented with the financial support of the European Union and co-financed by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The new cargo customs terminal with a maximum capacity of 30 trucks, which includes a new building for customs procedures, inspection facilities for cargo vehicles allowing for simultaneous inspection of 3 trucks, entry/exit checkpoint, horizontal and vertical signalization and other ancillary facilities will contribute to greater and easier flow of the cargo traffic, reduced time for border formalities, better quality of services and operational conditions for the economic operators and the customs officers.

The modernization of the border crossing points was emphasized by the high officials who attended the event: the President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia Mr. Zoran Zaev, the EU Ambassador Mr. Samuel Zbogar and the Director General of the Customs Administration Mr. Gjoko Tanasoski.

The Prime Minister reiterated that investments in the country’s infrastructure is one of the Government's priorities and emphasized that the transport sector plays an important role in practicing the four fundamental freedoms, essential to the European Union - free movement of goods and services, capital and persons, which require a well developed and modern infrastructure. The commitment of the Customs Administration in the activities and measures for creating a favorable business environment and protecting the interests of the state is of great importance.

This specific infrastructure project was implemented with the support of the European Union funds and co-financed by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia. With regard to the objectives envisaged to be achieved with the project and supported by the European Union, as well as what are the benefits after the completion of the implemented activities, the EU Ambassador H.E. Samuel Zbogar said that better connectivity and faster flow of goods and people are an important component of EU accession. He reiterated the EU support to the Government commitment to connect the borders and the hope that the joint controls that were introduced with Serbia will also be soon introduced at this border crossing point.

Customs Director General Mr. Gjoko Tanasoski stressed the Customs Administration's commitment to decisive protection of the country's financial interests and support for further facilitation of trade, stressing the advanced level of digitization of customs operations and the high standards introduced and practiced in the operational and administrative procedures, the careful investment in the capacity of the Customs Administration.

Gratitude for the strong support in the realization of this project was expressed to the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia as dull supporter, to the European Union and the EU Delegation as an important partner and to the Ministry of Finance as a partner on the road to European integration.