As of 1st June 2019, the new Customs Declarations and Excise Documents Processing System (CDEPS) is going into operation.

With the application of the CDEPS, the TARIM system - one of the modules of the Integrated Tariff Environment System (ITE), where tariff and non-tariff measures are defined and the customs and other duties are calculated will automatically discharge the approved quantities in the EXIM system. In view of this, we inform the customs agents and economic operators submitting applications for permits, licenses / authorisations in the EXIM system to fill their applications in a unit of measure that is mandatory under the Customs Tariff Law.

Additionally, this means that on 31st May all licenses with current status "partially used" will obtain the status "expired" with a system procedure and it will not be possible to change them. Economic operators are requested to apply once again for new licenses to the competent institutions since they will automatically be considered as used.