The Customs Administration hereby informs that the new Customs Declarations and Excise Documents Processing System (CDEPS) will be released into operation on 1st June 2019. To ensure smooth release of the system into operation the economic operators must take certain activities, which were noted at the previously organized working meetings, primarily  in regard to access to the system and submission of requests for granting corresponding permits. Details concerning the manner of granting access to the CDEPS and the manner of obtaining all necessary permits and approvals are provided in the document attached to this notice. (a link to the document).

The economic operators can access the CDEPS via  their own system or by using the Customs Administration Portal, available free of charge.

It should be noted that as of 23rd May 2019, when submitting declarations via the Trade Portal, economic operators will be able to automatically check the calculation of the amount of duties and the application of commercial policy measures (licenses, prohibitions, permits, etc.) by communicating with the Integrated Tariff Environment (ITO).

Once more, we urge all economic operators planning to lodge customs declarations using the new system to take the necessary steps outlined in the attached document in due time.


Насоки за Економските оператори