On 18th December 2018, during search of the hand luggage of a Turkish citizen that arrived at the International Airport Skopje- entrance section, the customs officers found undeclared gold jewelry.

The seized jewelry is made of white gold combined with a large number of brilliants, which, according to a court expert qualifies as exclusive gold jewellery with market value of about 450 thousand Euros.

The Customs Administration brought criminal charges against who is charged with "Smuggling" punishable under Article 278 paragraph 1 and 8 of the Criminal Law and a pre-trial judge ordered 30-day detention of the suspect.

The Customs Administration is working closely with other customs administrations in the region and beyond to gather proof and information related to the findings discovered during the investigation so far, raising doubts that the suspect may have also worked in other countries.


zlato 18.12.2018
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