The Customs Administration continues with the activities for putting into operation the new Customs Declaration and Excise Document Processing System (CDEPS).

This system enables submission and processing of electronic customs declarations and excise documents as follows:

Through a web portal, by filling in declarations in a web form provided by the Customs Administration and

System-to-system communication through web services.

To provide more details for the software companies working on system-to-system solutions for communication with the CDEPS, on 14th December 2018, the Customs Administration organized a working meeting with all interested economic operators.

Representatives of the Customs Administration presented the current situation and the plans for putting the CDEPS into operation. The Customs Administration asked the software companies to propose, if necessary, additions to the documentation published on the website related to software development.

The attendees were informed that the Customs Administration plans to launch the pilot project for the implementation of the CDEPS at the beginning of February 2019 at some Customs Offices. The complete introduction of all system modules is planned for June 1, 2019.

Meetings with software companies and economic operators involved in customs procedures will continue to be organized in the upcoming period.