Customs tariff

The Custom Tariff is the key instrument used for proper classification of goods subject to import or export. Classification of goods according to the Customs Tariff means determination of the tariff code for the goods in question as per the Customs Tariff Law and the regulations derived from this Law.

The Customs Tariff of the Republic of Macedonia is a constituent part of the Customs Tariff Law (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia no. 23/2003, 69/2004, 10/2008, 35/2010, 11/2012, 93/2013, 44/15, 81/15 and 39/22)

The Nomenclature of the Customs Tariff which is incorporated in the Customs Tariff is harmonized with the Nomenclature of the Harmonized System and Combined Nomenclature of the European Community.

Here you could find the Customs Tariff for 2023 .

The Customs Tariff is revised and amended every year, in conformity with the amendments to the Combined Nomenclature of the European Union. The alignment is made by Decision on harmonization of and amendment to the Customs Tariff, adopted by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia annually, with its application as from 1st January the following year. The aligning amendments refer to the system of designations of the goods, system of numeric marking, unit prices, as well as notes concerning particular sections and chapters. The customs duties are determined by the Customs Tariff Law.

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