EXIM is an electronic system used by 16 government agencies dealing in the area of foreign trade. It is a sngle window system for issuing import, export and transit licenses and tariff quota.

EXIM enables search by tariff code of goods and provides information about the type of licenses required for import, export or transit by using the Search option. Through the option Tariff Quota, under Prescribed Quantities of tariff quotas, the business community can get information about the type of tariff quotas available and from which countries.

EXIM provides for electronic submission of applications for import, export and transit licenses by the business community and electronic issuance of permits by the competent authorities. Through the system, the applicants can track the processing status of their application until its final issuance.
The importers can electronically submit requests for tariff quota allocation that is provided under trade agreements that the Republic of Macedonia has signed. Tariff quota is allocated on daily basis on basis of the "first came- first served" principle.
Detailed information concerning the procedure of submission of applications and granting  licenses covered by EXIM  can be found on the websites of the competent institution.

EXIM advantages?

  • Avaliability of service  24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Time and cost saving for companies due to electronic submission of applications
  • Greater efficiency in the license issuing process
  • Standardized and harmonized data in the applications that will ensure  in-depth data exchange
  • Electronic tracking of license use
  • Electronic submission of applications in transparent electronic tariff quota allocation