The customs authority, in accordance with the criteria laid down in the Customs Law and, where necessary and following consultations with other competent bodies of the state administration in the area of security and finances, approves the status of „authorised economic operator" for economic operators registered in the customs area of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The authorised economic operator benefits from facilitations in terms of safety and security related customs controls and/or simplifications laid down by the customs related regulations.

Authorised Economic Operators Guidelines

Strategy on the development of the Authorised Economic Operator concept

AEO Authorisation Application

AEO Authorisation

Explanatory notes for AEO Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Self-assesment Questionnaire

Threats, Risks and Possible solutions

Action Plan for implementation of the Strategy on the Enhancement of the AEO status (2021-2023)

Strategy on the Enhancement of the AEO Status 2021-2023