The Republic of North Macedonia is a member of the Regional Intelligence Liaison Offices (RILO) – link

Under the auspices of the World Customs Organization, a network of customs intelligence liaison  offices has been established, aiming to contribute to their strengthening and greater efficiency in the fight against customs fraud and violation of customs legislation through regional and global intelligence exchange. Based on regional division, 11 offices have been established for all six WCO regions. The Republic of North Macedonia belongs to the region of Eastern and Central Europe, with a central office in Warsaw, Poland.

The exchange of data is done through a specially developed information system - Customs Enforcement Network (CEN), which a global database containing Customs seizures information, and the CEN based closed user group secure communications platform. Through CEN, by observing the highest standards of security and data protection, access to multiple databases is enabled and direct messaging between RILO members. The information exchanged is a tool in the fight against illicit trade and customs fraud.