The Customs Administration of the Republic of North Macedonia joined the celebrations of the 26th of January - International Customs Day. This time, unlike any other year this day is dedicated to the joint efforts of Customs aimed at emerging from the global COVID 19 pandemic and supporting people and businesses by strengthening the global supply chain, reinforcing collaboration, harnessing technology and putting “people” at the centre of the transformation process under the slogan "Customs bolstering Recovery, Renewal and Resilience for a sustainable supply chain”.

Based on all the efforts undertaken by the customs officials during this extremely difficult year, as well as by several legal entities that supported Customs, the Customs Administration decided this year to award Certificates of Merit of the WCO Secretary General Kunio Mikuria, under the stated motto "Customs bolstering Recovery, Renewal and Resilience for a sustainable supply chain" to customs officials, institutions and organizations, which with their activities stood out as credited in establishing a sustainable and constructive business environment and finding solutions to deal with the crisis caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Director General of the Customs Administration, Goran Sugareski, MSc. awarded the Certificates of Merit to the following institutions and persons:


  • Customs Office Kjafasan 5071 - for achieved good results in the daily operations during 2020, in conditions of COVID 19, in the area of detective actions, Reports on customs offenses and implementation of the Green Corridors project.
  • Vitaminka AD Prilep, a company that successfully obtained the status of Authorized Economic Operator in 2020 (Customs simplifications, security and safety)
  • Ultra, for the urgent development of the Covid Module and
  • The manager of the companies Victoria Sped and Falcon Logistics - Gino Skrielj, for their activities and work organization, stand out in establishing a sustainable and constructive business environment and finding solutions to deal with the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly in by introducing shift work and maximum measures for protection of its employees and customers, ensuring uninterrupted flow of goods, delivery of shipments to the door in order to prevent the spread of the virus and the introduction of paperless operations in times of crisis with Covid- 19.
  • Ognen Naumov and Valdet Ademi - for their active and dedicated work on the  implementation of all prohibitions and restrictions related to pandemic prevention, installation of export prohibitions and restrictions, implementation of a series of foreign trade measures to prevent the pandemic, but also the  implementation of the Law on Motor Vehicle Taxation and the Law on Registration of Foreign Vehicles.
  • Gjorgji Naumovski and Ofelija Bajo - for their active work on the implementation of digital solutions for e-customs and paperless customs environment, as a means for smooth movement of goods across the border
  • Lidija Lekoska and Irina Nelkovska - for active and great participation in the negotiations for the Free Trade Agreement with the United Kingdom, transitional rules of origin with the EU, Brexit, in order for the smooth running of trade
  • Zorica Ashikovska and Jane Sazdov - for the implementation of the Covid Module in EXIM
  • Zdravko Veljanovski - for timely implementation and support of users for the application of video conferencing tools Webex and Teams
  • Aleksandra Ilievska Mishkovska and Bekim Haziri - for establishing a sustainable and constructive business environment and finding solutions to deal with theCOVID 19, in particularly difficult working conditions
  • Maja Dimcheva and Ljupcho Chingoski - who distinguished themselves with their activities and work organization in establishing a sustainable and constructive business environment and finding solutions to deal with the COVID 19 crisis in particularly difficult working conditions.
  • Ilija Janoski - for successful leadership and participation in the activities of the Department for International Cooperation. Last year, exceptional success was achieved in the interest of the Customs Administration, in all areas of operation of the Department: strengthened cooperation at the international level, planning and preparation of documentation for IPA 3 fund projects, coordination for smooth and timely implementation of ongoing projects, timely reactions to provide translation and correspondence with all services at international level, data collection and preparation of necessary reports to the EU.
Today, 18th January 2021, handover of the position Director General of the Customs Administration took place, where the newly appointed Director General Goran Sugareski officially took over the duty from his predecessor Gjoko Tanasoski.
During the ceremony Tanasoski informed Sugareski about the scope of work, as well as the projects and activities of the Customs Administration, and at the same time wished him success in continuing the mission to protect the financial interests and society, while supporting the economic development through cooperation, facilitation and modernization.
Noting that he is already familiar with the challenges, current and future projects of the Customs Administration, the newly appointed Head of Customs Sugareski affirmed his commitment to the staff to achieving the strategic goals in this area and particularly to achieving further success in order to be a leading Customs Service in the region that is fully in line with the EU standards.





Yesterday, the Customs Administration in cooperation with React organized online training on identification of products from different brands. The purpose of the training is for the participants to be able to identify products from the brands: Popsockets, Superdry, Swiss Watch Industry, PSA Group and Procter & Gamble. This training is a continuation of the training held on 17.12.2020 focused on the brands Adidas, Reebok, Canon, Bavaria, Puma and Diageo. This type of training is always interesting for the trainees, and the effects they have are measurable through the results of the customs officers. An important element is the participation of customs officials from the region, which strengthens the joint capacities of the customs services.


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Customs officers of the Operational Matters Department conducted detailed search of a freight motor vehicle with Skopje license plates, declared for entry in the Republic of North Macedonia  at the border crossing point Bogorodica. In the pallet located on the right side of the cargo area, the officers found 6 cardboard boxes with various medicines, including:

  • 119 packs Lyo-cortin powder and solution 100mg,
  • 50 packs of Depakine 200 mg
  • 65 packs of Cytotec 200mg
  • 30 packs of Arcoxil 90mg
  • 30 packs of Neurontin 300mg
  • 200 packs of Butavate ointment 30gr
  • 20 packs Durabolin for children 50 mg,
  • 50 packs of Vermox 100mg
  • 44 packs of Aldactone 100mg
  • 30 packs of Plaguenil 200mg
  • 50 packs of Ditropan 5mg
  • 50 packs of Neurobion and
  • 6 boxes (42 ampoules) Prolutex 25mg.

The goods worth 233,500 Denars have been impounded and the entire documentation was handed over to the Investigation Department for further processing.

The Customs Administration continues to work to the benefit of the citizens and take care of their security and the stability of the budget.


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Today, the USAID Project: Partnership for Better Business Regulation organized an online presentation of the results of the 5th Annual Business Environment Assessment in the country.