An event was held yesterday in Skopje to present the achievements and results thus far from the twinning project. Welcome addresses had the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia-Nives Tiganj and the Ambassador of the Republic of Austria-Georg Voutsas, the Head of the Cooperation of the Delegation of the European Union-Stephen Hudolin and Deputy Finance Minister -Filip Nikoloski

The benefits for the project beneficiary institutions were presented through a panel discussion between the Directors of the Customs Administrations of the Republic of North Macedonia - Slavica Kutirov and Croatia - Mario Demirovic, the Director of the Public Revenue Office - Sanja Lukarevska, the Regional Director of the Austrian Tax Administration - Laurent Bucks and the Deputy Director of the Customs Administration of Austria - Andrea Reuter.

Improving and enforcing tax and customs legislation in line with European Union legislation and best practices is the main goal of this European Union-funded project, implemented by the Customs and Tax Administrations of Austria and Croatia.

"This project united the efforts of the Ministry of Finance and the two main institutions for revenue collection: the Customs Administration and the Public Revenue Office as beneficiaries, to jointly define their needs, to identify areas of intervention and through continuous communication and cooperation to successfully implement activities. To date, 426 participants from the Customs Administration participated in a total of 48 workshops, through which they had the opportunity to receive assistance from a number of prominent EU experts for the implementation of the Customs Administration Action Plan: preparation of ICT strategy and action plan including major digitalization projects, further harmonization of customs and excise legislation with the EU, preparation of customs control and risk management procedures, preparation of technical specifications for important EU systems, implementation of standards for pollution and taxation of motor vehicles, as well as improvement of public finance management - said Director General Kutirov.


The cooperation continues in the next period and will be aimed at upgrade in all aspects of customs operations.



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