Today, the Director General of the Customs Administration Slavica Kutirov hosted a meeting with the Director General of the Customs Administration of the Republic of Croatia Mario Demirovic. They discussed how to continue and intensify the  mutual cooperation through exchange of experience in several areas and topics of customs operations. They also talked about topics related to the joint twinning project: "Improving revenue collection, tax and customs policy", under which employees of the Customs Administration have the opportunity to receive assistance from experts from Croatia and Austria in the implementation of development activities in accordance with the Action plan.

The Directors of the two customs services shared ideas on activities related to the modernization of the busiest border crossings and internal customs terminals, in order to facilitate trade, as well as methods for improving the capacity and organization of the administration. They also talked about the current projects implemented by the Customs Administration, aimed at simplification of the customs procedures, improvement of the capacities for customs control and post-clearance audits, reduction of border delays for economic operators, as well as inter-institutional data exchange, both at internationa and national level.

The long-term strategic partnership between the two institutions was reiterated at today’s meeting, thus confirming the efforts for future cooperation, through use of best practices to bring the Customs Administration closer to the Customs of the European Union Member States.





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