A meeting with high representatives of the World Bank team was held today at the Customs Administration, concerning the implementation of the Western Balkans Trade and Transport Facilitation Project.

The project, financed through a World Bank loan has three components: introduction of a new National Single Window System, modernization and reconstruction of the border crossing points Kjafasan and Deve Bair, and installation of a new Video Surveillance System.

The Customs Administration, as leading institution for implementation of the National Single Window System, together with the agencies and inspection services participating in the customs procedures, will achieve harmonized processing of permits related to cross-border movement of goods. This will enable further acceleration of cross-border trade in accordance with the standards and practices of European Union countries.

The upgrade of the border crossing point Kjafasan will enable faster completion of customs formalities, which includes the handling of relevant border inspection services. At the Deve Bair border crossing point, in addition to the administrative building, the access road to the terminal for heavy vehicles will be reconstructed for the purpose of uninterrupted use in winter conditions. Construction of a new treatment plant and installation of a new vehicle scale is also planned.

The new Video Surveillance System, with latest technology equipment will ensure integration with the customs information systems. This system will be an important tool in the implementation of the competencies for suppression of illicit trade, smuggling and corruption at the customs offices, particularly at the border crossing points.

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