Today, the USAID Economic Development, Management and Enterprise Growth Program (EDGE), together with the Customs Administration of the Republic of North Macedonia, organized a workshop for better understanding and application of preferential rules of origin of goods - in accordance with the PEM Convention, Brexit and new transitional preferential rules of origin.

Over 150 participants – company representatives attended the workshop, along with USAID, CEFTA, Customs Administration representatives.

This workshop is the first in a series of events organized by the USAID Enterprise Economic Development, Management, and Growth Program in CEFTA Member States as part of their support for the implementation of the revised Rules of Origin. The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate the process of applying the revised rules of origin by increasing the level of awareness of companies about the specific amendments, introduced by the new simplified rules for preferential origin, the benefits they bring to the private sector and the manner of their practical application.

The Director General of the Customs Administration, Slavica Kutirov, MSc., had the honor to open this workshop and welcome the participants, noting that despite the many activities currently implemented by the Customs Administration, under its strategic priorities for trade facilitation and protection of society and state interests, it also strives to support and secure the regional and global supply chain. One of the possible answers to the challenges is to better understand and apply preferential rules of origin, as well as to integrate them in order to apply them in a unified way. The Director General expressed support for organizing as many workshops of this type as one of the best ways to better understand this complex topic and ensure proper application of the rules of origin.



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