As part of the activities envisaged with the Memorandum of Cooperation signed with the Goce Delchev University from Shtip, experts from the Customs Administration delivered a presentation on "The process of reform, modernization and digitalization of the Customs Administration".

The purpose of this presentation was to familiarize and keep the students up to date with the novelties and changes that the Customs Administration regularly introduces in its daily work.

The topics presented included the two roadmaps of modernization of the Customs Administration: trade facilitation and digitalization. The simplified procedures and the concept of Authorized Economic Operator were presented as the most important in trade facilitation. In the area of ​​digitalization, several IT systems which are grounds for the customs operations were presented: CDEPS, Integrated Tariff Environment - TARIM, EXIM and the New Computerized Transit System.

The Customs Administration will continue the cooperation with the universities to increase the students' knowledge about the competencies and the role of the Customs Administration.




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