Under the twinning project - "Improving Revenue Collection and Tax and Customs Policy", in cooperation with the Austrian and Croatian Customs Administrations within 29.11. - 03.12.2021, customs officers from the Customs Administration of the Republic of North Macedonia attended training on "Darknet Investigations".

The purpose of the training is for the members of the Customs Administration to get acquainted with the possibilities and the way to use the information through Darknet as intelligence source, to penetrate in deeper intelligence analyzes related to various customs matters, particularly for contraband and smuggling of goods, but also for the purposes of criminal investigations.

The training enables the participants to understand how to effectively research Darknet sites and to present and demonstrate research techniques related to Darknet-based Internet information, possible identification of sites where items/goods are promoted and sold, protected by intellectual property laws and regulations and sites for the sale of drugs and medical products which are smuggled or goods obtained through illicit trade, etc.