The National Office of the International Chamber of Commerce from Skopje in cooperation with the Customs Administration organized today a video-conference workshop on "Implementation of best international practices in tackling corruption."


The workshop is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands aimed at strengthening the capacity of the competent institutions to establish a transparent, efficient and sustainable system for tackling corruption.

"Today's sharing of practical methods of combating corruption does not arise solely from the intention to inform and declare our readiness to fight corruption which is detrimental to the rule of law, the progress and the human rights." - pointed out Customs DG Sugareski.

To implement the best international practices in tackling corruption, concluded at this coordinated event, and thus contributing to mutual effective compliance, we take the following actions:

-      Proactivity in the operation;

-      Conducting office inspections;

-      Creating procedures and systems that prevent integrity breaches;

-      Strong internal controls;

-      Strict penalties, disciplinary measures or criminal charges against employees who will be caught committing corrupt activities;

-      Modern, intensified and coordinated action by mobilizing the resources of the responsible institutions, with strengthened capacities engaged in investigative, financial, technical and political assistance to reduce corruption;

-      Improved information sharing and new concrete reforms with tangible benefits;

-      Disclosure, freezing and return of assets from corrupt activities;

-      Financial transparency and accountability;

-      Access to government programs, policies and spending;

-      Support for civil society and the media in their activities of research and analysis of corrupt tendencies and joint preventive action, which includes partnership with the business community;

-      Prevention of money laundering;

Fight against crime and corruption and the suppression of the shadow economy are a priority for all of us and are high points on the priority list of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia.



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