The 11th Meeting of the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Joint Committee of all countries members of the PEM Convention was held on 1st July 2021. The Joint Committee of the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Convention (PEM) Preferential Rules of Origin is held twice a year and this committee makes decisions related to the rules of origin within the Convention.


The latest situation did not allow reaching a joint agreement on amending the existing rules of origin and a procedure was initiated to amend all free trade agreements on a bilateral basis and to introduce new rules or transitional rules in all agreements. These new rules of origin (transitional rules of origin) should provide significant relief to the conditions for obtaining Macedonian preferential origin and greater exports to markets in the region. When the free trade agreements are amended, the existing and transitional rules of origin will apply simultaneously and the companies will be able to choose which rules they want to use when exporting, and the transitional rules will only apply when they are adopted by all PEM countries- signatory countries of the Convention.

At this meeting, the European Commission once again asked the countries that did not accept the transition rules, whether there is any change in their position and only Morocco expressed interest in talks.