The Director General of the Customs Administration, Mr. Sugareski and the Director of the EU Transport Community, Mr. Zokonjshek held a working meeting today, together with representatives of the Association of Macedonian Enterprises for Road Transport Macedonia Soobrakjaj-Amerit.

The purpose of today's meeting was to familiarize Customs Director General with the role of the EU Transport Community and its priorities, present the manner of functioning and improvement of the green corridors and their expansion towards the EU borders. The Customs Administration remains committed to promoting economic co-operation by embracing the idea of creating a regional economic area and EU infrastructure support funds. It was concluded that with the expansion of green corridors to the EU, the flow of goods in and out of the country will be further accelerated, and the opening of additional lanes will have to continue to be applied. The topic of discussions was the expansion of the concept of joint border controls ONE STOP SHOP which has already been established at the border crossing Tabanovce-Preshevo with the neighboring Republic of Serbia. The representatives of the Customs Administration informed the Director of the Transport Community Mr. Zokonjsek, that it is planned that ONE STOP SHOP will be implemented at the other neighboring border crossing points as well. Special emphasis was given to initiation of the process of digitalization of transport documents, which will contribute to faster flow of road and cargo traffic through the border crossings. The Transport Community welcomed the mutual professional cooperation with the Customs Administration, particularly since it worked diligently during the COVID 19 pandemic on intensifying the cooperation and improving the regional economic cooperation. Tomorrow, a working meeting will be organized at the border crossing point Bogorodica to discuss and consider the possibility to improve the work of the border crossing to ensure uninterrupted flow of passengers and goods.