The Customs Administration of the Republic of North Macedonia successfully completed the procedure for international validation of the Authorised Economic Operator Programme (AEO). The Report of the international validators from CEFTA Member States, CEFTA Secretariat, the European Commission and experts from GIZ evaluated the AEO Programme of the Republic of North Macedonia with highest grades, confirming that it legally is in line with the EU Legislation and the procedures and processes are in accordance with the international EU standards and those of the World Customs Organization.

The international recognition means that Macedonian AEOs, besides the benefits in our country, will also have greater benefits in the CEFTA countries, such as priority pass through the border, less controls, avoiding double submission of documents, free training. The procedure for international recognition started in June 2020 and the Republic of Macedonia is the first country in CEFTA to obtain international recognition. This is yet another confirmation of the Customs Administration's dedication for building partner relations with the business community and creation of conditions for faster border crossing and facilitation of the customs procedures.

The List of compnaies - Authorised Economic Operators can be found on the list below: