Customs Director General Sugareski hosted today the French Ambassador H.E. Cyril Bomgartner, the French Customs Attaché in charge of Southeast Europe and the Balkans Mr. Julien Otre and the Attaché of the French Embassy security Stefan Roper. The mutual bilateral cooperation which has been successfully realized for a long time through seminars, study visits, trainings and donated technical equipment was confirmed at today’s meeting.

The guests and the host discussed the latest developments in the two administrations and their operational capacities with reference to the current conditions, stressing the special efforts and interest for closer cooperation in the field of monitoring and coordinated action for suppression of illicit trade in narcotics, drugs, weapons, capital and cultural goods between the two countries. A more determined and joint actions was announced to expose and dismantle criminal organizations.

The Customs Administration of the Republic of North Macedonia presented precise proposals for future activities within the bilateral technical assistance that would be focused on the continuity of investigative and intelligence operations. Assistance from the French colleagues for alignment with the EU excise legislation is always welcome.