The digital system for customs declarations and excise documents processing (CDEPS) has been launched.  After midnight, 00.00.01h on 01.06.2019 all export declarations shall be submitted through the CDEPS.

The Customs Administration of the Republic of North Macedonia is making great progress in achieving its vision and is taking the lead in the region. The CDEPS is a system that is ranked as one of the most sophisticated systems used by the EU Member States, and with its application, our country goes a step forward in fulfilling the requirements for entry into the European Union.

The implementation of the new system, which is a precondition for further development of digital solutions and services, significantly simplifies the work of all participants in the customs and foreign trade procedure in an efficient and modern customs environment. The customs procedures that were until now performed on paper form will be replaced by electronic procedures. The CDEPS is a modern and complex system that integrates the existing system solutions.

For the economic operators, the system means cut-down on time on filling in declarations, simple processes, and most importantly - a significant cut-down on costs. All processes are automatic, thus reducing the possibility of human error, as well as the risk of illicit activities and corruption.

The economic operators can access the CDEPS via their own systems or by using the Customs Administration Portal which is available free of charge

Once again, we urge all economic operators to check whether they meet the basic conditions in order to ensure uninterrupted submission of customs declarations in the new system:

  • Possess an electronic signature (certificate);

  • Have approved access to the CDEPS;

  • If they submit declarations as customs agents, it is necessary o request and receive an authorisation for representationin activities in the CDEPS. A prerequisite for this is that at least one employee has applied for and is granted a license for representation in the CDEPS.

  • All authorizations related to customs procedures must be previously provided in the CDEPS.