Today (11th April), the Customs Administration marks twenty-seventh years of its establishment as a state agency.

After 27 years of hard and successful work, followed by  a series of challenges, today we can proudly say that the Customs Administration is a modern, internationally recognized service, capable of promoting and facilitating the economy, but above all, capable of successfully protecting the life and health of its citizens and guarding the financial interests of the state.

On the occasion of the 14th April – the Customs Day, at the traditional ceremony that took place at the National Philharmonic in Skopje we hosted high representatives of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, the diplomatic corps,the  business sector and other interlocutors. The ceremony was opened by the President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Zoran Zaev, who stated that the celebration of this day is important for our country and for the citizens, because Customs and its customs officers are the first contact with the country - they are the face of the Republic of North Macedonia, and  thecustoms operations are encouragement and important precondition for the promotion of the country's international trade. The Prime Minister congratulated the customs officers on the Customs Day and said that the Government will continue to support and promote all relevant instruments, initiatives and tools for the development of the Customs Administration through digitization, automation, paperless work and capacity building.

Deputy Finance Minister Ms. Shiret Elezi addressed the attendees and congratulated the customs officers on the achieved results, stressing that the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Administration will continue implementing the reforms in this sector. Only together will we be able to respond to new challenges as a result of the fast trade and financial systems  globalization.

In his address, Customs Director General, Mr. Gjoko Tanasoski congratulated the customs officers on the results and activities of the Customs Administration during the past year. He noted that this year, the Customs Administration paid more attention to the most significant and most complex project called Digital Customs, and if last year we announced digitization, this year we expect its  realization.2018 marked the finalization of several large projects in different areas, leading to huge progress and modernization. Last year, the Customs Administration started a new chapter in its operations, with the finalization and development of the Customs Declaration and Excise Processing System, which will replace the current ASYCUDA system. The system will ensure that all customs procedures that were so far carried out on paper will become electronic procedures. Director General also presented the other results, including revenue collection of 1.43 billion Euros, being is 87 million, or 11.1% more than in the revenue collected 2017, numerous seizures, among which seizure of over 1 ton of drugs, harmonization of the national customs legislation with that of the EU, lots of meetings with the business sector and realized projects.

As part of the preparations for EU membership, Customs promoted a video presenting the benefits of the introduction of the new Customs Declaration and Excise Documents Processing System and a video presenting the specifics of several customs procedures import, export and transit of goods from and in the country.

Under the activities for this year’s celebration of the Customs Day, a blood drive action was successfully completed with over 100 customs officers giving blood. 

Besides the blood drive, on the occasion of the celebration of the 14th of April - the Day of the Customs Administration, we organized several other events. As a sign of good cooperation and mutual support, the customs and police officers at the border crossings organized football matches, and we had the honor to host the children from the SOS Children's Village who got acquainted with our work, watched procedures of passenger inspection and learned about the passengers’ rights and obligations. To raise the public awareness of the citizens in the fight against counterfeits, we continued with the campaign "Stop counterfeits" in high schools and in the biggest shopping centers in Skopje.

Traditionally, on the Customs Day we expressed our gratitude to institutions and individuals who contributed to the successful work of the Customs Administration and supported the reforms in the customs operations. On behalf of the Customs Administration, Director General Tanasoski presented plaques and a letters of appreciation to customs officers for their outstanding work and to companies for their excellent cooperation, thus contributing to more rational, more efficient and more quality work.

Annual Report 2018

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