The Customs Administration in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior prevented an attempt for smuggling of narcotics at the Skopje Airport in Skopje. Over 2 kg of cocaine has been detected and seized.

On 5th December 2018, at about 20.30h, a citizen of the Republic of Venezuela who arrived with a flight from Zürich was selected and searched. During the search, nearly 2 kg of white powder was found in his baggage, which was tested with a drug tester establishing presence of cocaine hydrochloride, indicating that the unknown substance is cocaine.

After the case was taken over by inspectors from the Investigation Department of the Customs Administration, and upon order of a Public Prosecutor, the unknown powder was handed over for laboratory analysis which confirmed that it is cocaine.

The value of the seized drugs on the black market in the Republic of Macedonia is around 140,000 Euros, while the retail price could be multiplied several times reaching about 570,000 Euros.

The Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia filed criminal charges to the competent Public Prosecutor's Office against the suspect charging him with "Unauthorized production and release for sale of narcotics, psychotropic substances and precursors".


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