On 19th April 2018, Customs Director General Gjoko Tanasoski delivered a lecture to students at the Faculty of Economics of the "Goce Delchev" - Stip University and informed them about the competences of the Customs Administration.

In his presentation before the students, the Director General talked about various topics related customs operations, such as the roles and functions of the Customs Administration, customs procedures, human resources management, etc. This way, the students had the opportunity to learn how the theory they study is applied in the processes of an organization like the Customs Administration

The visit of Customs Director General came at the invitation of the "Goce Delchev" - Shtip University. In line with the common interests and mutual cooperation of the two institutions, the Director General of the Customs Administration Mr. Gjoko Tanasoski and the Rector of the "Goce Delcev" - Shtip University, Mr. Blazo Boev signed Memorandum of Cooperation aimed at development and cooperation in the area of education and entrepreneurship.

Incorporating expert and scientific opinion when defining and implementing the Customs Administration’s policies is an important segment of the cooperation with the universities. This will ensure successful implementation of the economic policies and trade facilitation. The signing of this Memorandum will also enable to use scientific research on the impact of changes in the customs and excise procedures of the economy, both at national and at regional level, as a tool for strategic decisions and further modernization of the Customs Administration.