Within the last two weeks, the customs officers detected a customs fraud and several attempts for smuggling, seizing cigarettes, tobacco, tyres, computer graphic cards, fresh fish and counterfeits:

The following goods were seized:

Goods suspected of infringing intellectual property rights
- 186 watches and 100 boxes for watches, bearing logo of protected trademarks, found during control of a Turkish truck loaded with goods originating in Turkey, destined for an importer from Kosovo, declared for entrance into the country at the border crossing point Bogorodica.
Due to suspicion that the products infringe intellectual property rights, they were seized, and in accordance with the law, procedures for verifying their authenticity will be initiated.
The market value of the suspected products is estimated to about 910 thousand denars, if sold as original.

Car Tyres

- 492 used exterior car tyres, detected at the Customs Office Gevgelija, during control of a shipment of car tyres, declared for customs warehousing by a company from Gevgelija. During the physical inspection of the shipment, it was established that the tyres are used. According to the law, import of used tyres is subject to a Permit for transit of non-hazardous waste, issued by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning. The importer did not have this type of document, so the tyres were temporarily detained. The importer was given 8 days to complete the necessary transit documentation. The Customs Office drafted a Report concerning avoidance of Trade Policy Measures and a Report on Customs Offence.

Fresh fish

- 37.40 kg of fresh fish, found during control of a Macedonian car, driven by a Macedonian citizen, declared for entrance at the border crossing Kjafasan. The undeclared fish in seven plastic bags, were found in the spare tyre area of the vehicle. They were seized and a misdemeanor procedure will be initiated against the driver.

Computer spare parts

- 24 graphic cards, found at the Skopje Alexander the Great Airport during inspection of the passenger bags of a Macedonian citizen who arrived from Istanbul. The undeclared goods were seized, and a misdemeanor procedure was initiated against the passenger.

Cigarettes and tobacco

- 3 boxes of cigarettes without excise stamps and 300 grams of tobacco, found during inspection of a Greek registered car, driven by a Greek citizen, declared for entrance at the border crossing Medzitlija. The undeclared goods, found under the co-driver's seat and in the driver's bag, were seized, and a request for initiation of a misdemeanor procedure was filed against the driver.


The customs officers of the Customs Office Kavadarci foiled an attempt for import duty invasion by incorrect declaration of the origin of the goods.
In February 2017, an importer from Kavadarci declared for import customs clearance parts for auto-pump, presenting a movement certificate EUR 1 as proof of European origin of the goods in order to obtain preferential status of the goods and customs clearance with a preferential customs duty rate of 0% .
During the physical examination of the goods, the customs officers noticed labels indicating different origin, than the declared one.  The proof of origin was sent for further verification and the response received from the Customs Administration of the Republic of Albania indicated that part of the products covered by the movement certificate do not fulfill the conditions for obtaining preferential origin, on the basis of which additional import duties were calculated in the amount of 39 thousand Denars.





Cigari, tutun, Medzitlija
Cigari, tutun, Medzitlija
Graficki karicki,AerodromSK
Graficki karicki,AerodromSK
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