On 25TH March 2017 (about 8:00h) during customs control at the border crossing point Tabanovce, exit section,

the customs inspectors from the Operational Matters Department, selected for control a passenger bus with Macedonian license plates travelling en route Gostivar-Geneva. During the inspection of the bus the inspectors used a customs drugs sniffing dog, which reacted to one of the suitcases in the luggage area. Inside, the inspectors found 15 packages of different sizes filled with marijuana weighing about 10.5 kilograms. None of the bus passenger claimed ownership of the suitcase.


The case was handed over to the Investigation Department of the Sector for Control and Investigation and during the procedure it was established that there is reasonable doubt that besides the driver, two other persons – Macedonian nationals are involved in the committed drug trafficking. Marijuana was to be transferred to the city of Hanover in Germany.


The preliminary investigation is still in progress and other evidence is being collected. Against the suspects, the Customs Administration brought criminal charges for unauthorized manufacture and sale of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors".

Last week, the customs officers also discovered two frauds and several attempts for smuggling different goods, seizing electro-materials, automobile parts, vacuum-packed cheese, coffee, fertilizers, sunglasses and counterfeits. The following was seized:

Electro-materials and automobile parts

- 309 pieces of electro-materials (connectors, metal housings for connectors, circuit breakers, timers, sensors, switches, etc.) and 47 automobile spare parts (shock absorbers, air filters, clips, discs and brake pads for brakes, etc.) found in a Serbian truck, driven by a Serbian citizen, declared for entrance at the border crossing point Bogorodica. The undeclared goods were found in several cardboard boxes placed in the trailer between the legally declared goods were seized and charges will be pressed against the driver.

ElektrometerijaliavtodeloviBogorodica copy

Cheese and coffee

- 90 kg vacuum packed cheese Filakis and 10 kg coffee Tsetlidis, found during inspection of a Greek registered car, driven by a Greek citizen, declared for entrance at the border crossing point Bogorodica. The undeclared goods were found in three suitcases placed in the boot and two suitcases placed behind the front seats. They were seized and appropriate procedure will be initiated against the driver


Artificial fertilizers
- 40 litres artificial liquid fertilizer (KUSHIE  KUSH, HAMMER HEAD, ANCIENT EARTH, IGUANA, SENSI GROW and other),  found during inspection of a Bulgarian registered car, driven by a Bulgarian citizen, declared for entrance at the border crossing Deve Bair. The undeclared fertilizers were found in the back seat. They were seized and misdemeanor charges will be brought against the driver


Sun glasses
- 608 pairs of sunglasses, found during inspection of a Macedonian car, with three Macedonian nationals who arrived at the border crossing point Bogorodica, entrance section. The driver said that he was carrying 1,000 pairs of sunglasses, which he wanted to customs clear at the border crossing, but he was advised that, according to legislation, the products need to be customs clear at a customs office for clearance of goods. The customs officers proceeded to detailed control of the vehicle and under the hood, under the upholstery of the trunk and under the carpet in front of the passenger seat, they found other 608 pairs of glasses that driver did not declare. The undeclared glasses were seized and appropriate procedure will be initiated against the driver. Furthermore, the glasses are suspected to be counterfeit and a procedure to determining their authenticity was also initiated.


Goods suspected of infringing intellectual property rights
- 294,600 pieces of hard compressed candy and chocolate candies bearing logo of protected trademark, found during inspection of a Macedonian truck loaded with goods originating in Turkey, intended for an importer from Skopje and declared for import clearance at the customs office Gevgelija. The value of products is estimated at about 6.5 million Denars, if sold as originals

- 112 T-shirts with the logo of protected trademarks, detected by a Customs Mobile Team during control of a Macedonian car, driven by a Macedonian citizen, conducted at the toll station Petrovec. The market value of doubtful products is estimated at 336 thousand denars, if sold as original.
In both cases, the goods were seized and in accordance with the law, the Customs Administration will initiate a procedure to determine their authenticity.

An attempt to evade import duties by incorrect tariff classification was detected at the customs office Struga.
An importer Ohrid declared for import clearance technical goods declared under tariff code with customs duty rate of 0% and VAT of 5%. Due to suspicions about the proper classification of products, samples were taken and sent for analysis at the Customs Laboratory. The analysis showed that the products should have been classified under a different tariff code with prescribed customs duties rate of 0% and VAT of 18%. On the basis of the newly established tariff code, additional import duties amounting to about 210 thousand Denars were calculated. Customs Offence Report was drawn against the importer.
A case of release of goods for free circulation without being placed under a customs procedure was detected at the border crossing point Delčevo. During inspection of the documents submitted by a Bulgarian citizen, driver of a Bulgarian truck loaded with roof tiles from an exporter from Macedonia, declared for exit from the country. In conversation with the driver, the customs officer found out that the earlier the truck entered the territory of the Republic of Macedonia through the border crossing Deve Bair and was loaded with reinforcing iron, destined for a company from Veles. The customs officer asked for proof that the transit procedure of border customs office was closed in an inland customs office, i.e. whether the goods were cleared for import, the driver replied that he transported the goods directly to the importer, where they were unloaded. This was a customs offence was committed. Misdemeanor proceedings were initiated against the driver.