Customs inspectors from the Operational Matters Department during control of a van at the border crossing point Blace, found about 68.5 kg Marijuana in a specially designed bunker.

On 5th January 2017, at about 22:30h a combined (passenger and cargo) van with Croatian license plates, driven by BK, Croatian citizen was stopped, at the BCP Blace, entrance section. When asked whether he had anything to declare to Customs, the person replied negatively. During inspection of the vehicle with customs drug-sniffing dog and hand scanner, between the back seats and the loading area, the customs officers discovered a specially made bunker. 39 packets of different size, wrapped in stretch foil filled with Marijuana with total weight of about 68.5 kg  were taken out from the bunker.

The suspect B.K. said that he procured the drugs from a person from the Republic of Albania and intended to transport it to Germany via Macedonia. For the transport he was to receive a cash prize. The price of the seized marijuana on the West-European market is estimated at 200,000 Euros, while in retail it can double.

Against the perpetrator, the Customs Administration will bring criminal charges for "unauthorized manufacture and sale of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors" to the Public Prosecutor, and the perpetrator will be brought before a competent judge of preliminary investigation.