Pursuant Article 197 paragraph 7 of the Law on Trade Companies, all legal and natural persons requiring issuance of an acknowledgment by the Customs Administration shall submit

Request for issuing an acknowledgement in conformity with Article 197 paragraph 7 of the Law on Trade Companies.

The request shall be filled in correctly, legibly and completely.

Enclosed to the Request for acknowledgement that the requesting person has not any due and unpaid debt incurred on the basis of customs and other import duties in a regular customs procedure and in case of assessment of additional duties and taxes, a payment slip confirming the paid administrative tax in amount of 50 Denars shall be presented.

The administrative tax can be also paid by sending SMS on 144 166, with the following contents:

  • ТМ _Name_Surname_50, for natural persons and
  • TM_Name of the legal entity_50, for legal entities

The request shall be submitted at the Archives of the Customs Administration or by regular mail at the following address:

Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia

Sector for Financial Affairs

Department for Revenue Collection

Lazar Lichenoski 13

1000 Skopje.

For additional information please contact:

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call

тел: 02/32 93 945,

02/32 93 946,

02/32 93 979