Within 19 to 23 March with the support of the USAID-funded Regional Economic Development Project, a working meeting was held in the premises of the Customs Administration.

Last week, the customs officials prevented several attempts for smuggling, seizing cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, eau de toilette, clothing, footwear, belts, foreign currency, toll readers, tattoo equipment and counterfeits.

Last week, the customs officers prevented an attempt for illegal entry of passengers and several attempts for smuggling various goods, seizing foreign currencies, olive oil, church supplies, perfumes, cigarettes, computer spare parts, water pumps and counterfeits.

Acting upon the established irregularities, in January and February 2018 the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia filed criminal charges for 11 cases against 4 legal entities and 10 individuals. The charges were brought on grounds of reasonable suspicion that the following crimes had been committed: "Unauthorized production and release of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors", "Smuggling", "Forging Document"" and "Violation of Industrial Property Rights and Unauthorized Use of another company". 

The Customs Administration constantly improves its internal operational processes to protect the financial interests of the Republic of Macedonia, facilitate the international trade with further modernization of the customs operations and to simplify the customs procedures, to maintain and promote competitive economic environment, and to implement the economic policies of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.